#1 – Now Playing
When you press OK on the remote control, you see all activity at the top of the screen. It lists the program you are watching and all programs being recorded. When you walk into the family room and see the red light on the DVR, you can quickly find out what’s being viewed and recorded.

#2 – Watch 1, Record 2 all in HD!
Record 2 programs and watch another at the same time. Press OK to see what’s Now playing and you can even change between all three of the streams as they are in progress. The set top box will even remember where you switched in each program. Perfect for catching the prime time shows on different networks.

#3 – See What’s On Without Changing the Channel
Press the up/down arrow buttons and move through the guide without leaving the channel you are on. It’s like being able to channel surf with watching the same program.

#4 – Go Back in Time in the Guide
When in the time Guide, press the Skip Back button to go back one page in the guide so you can see the programming you just missed. You are finally sitting down to watch TV and thought you were catching the latest episode of ‘whatever’. unfortunately, it’s not on. In fact, it just ended. Page back in the guide, find the show, search for the next airing using the Yellow Search button and set the DVR.

#5 – Do Virtually Everything From the Guide
Browse the guide, schedule recordings, search and surf all within the guide. One button to record programs, one button to see all recordings. Easy to navigate and very few screens to maneuver to accomplish any task. Could is get any easier?

#6 – List Button for DVR Recordings
A single button gets you the your recordings, a list of future recordings and series recording rules. It’s like having your very own ‘easy’ button.

#7 – Set Top Box Power Message
Reduce frustration and trouble calls. If the set top is powered off, but the TV is still on, a message displays on the TV alerting you the set top power is off. The service can also be programmed to power one/off both the set top and TV with one button to avoid confusion. How many times does that happen to people?

#8 – Caller ID on the TV
Caller ID information displays on your screen so you can decide whether to answer the phone or keep watching TV. One button gives you access to your recent calls list, too. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

#9 – Bookmarks
Easily mark highlights or great plays, the end of commercial breaks or where you left off when viewing a recorded program and skip to those spots with one step. Simple, but oh so handy.

#10 – Control Live TV
By far the coolest feature, you can pause, skip back, rewind, and fast forward Live TV. Show your TV who’s in control!