Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Cap Rock Telcom

Cap Rock Telephone, a locally owned and operated cooperative is your total communications solutions provider. Services include a variety of residential and commercial telephone services; local and long distance services; high-speed  and dial-up Internet services; as well as digital TV.



Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative is your local telephone provider, but we’re much more than that. Cap Rock is staffed with friendly people who work hard to make sure you’re getting the best possible service. Our employees will be there if you have a problem or just need a question answered.



Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative continues to improve the way we meet the communications needs of each business. With state-of-the-art equipment, crystal-clear connections, and around-the-clock support, Cap Rock provides the very best in telecommunication services. 


Prices and Plans

Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative is committed to bringing its customers quality telecommunications services at affordable rates throughout its service territory. Basic local services are offered at the following monthly rates:


Single Line Business---------------$25.10*

Discounts Available for Low Income Customers

*Rates do not include taxes, surcharges, or other fees that may be applicable, such as subscriber line charge.


Cap Rock Telephone offers a variety of advanced calling features to make everyday life easier. Each calling feature has a flat monthly rate and the price varies depending on the feature ordered. Enhanced calling features include:

Short Speed Calling (8 numbers)
Long Speed Calling (30 numbers)
Call Waiting
Call Waiting and Cancel Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Three Way Calling
Caller ID-Number Delivery (Available with our TV service)
Caller ID Blocking
Calling Name and Number Delivery

Caller ID Call Waiting
Call Return
Automatic Redial
Anonymous Call Rejection
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Forwarding
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting