Seniors Enjoying TelevisionCapRock Tv, a pioneer in applying new technology, makes it now possible to transmit digital television services through existing telephone lines.

Over 120 channels are included in CapRock Tv’s lineup. CapRock Tv offers a variety of entertainment for the entire family including local stations, news, weather, movies, family programming, music, premium channels, and pay-per-view events. Cap Rock continually analyzes networks to make sure customers are provided a wide variety of programming choices.

With CapRock Tv, customers receive an onscreen guide. Onscreen caller ID is a very convenient option that can be added to your package. Different programming packages in many price ranges are available.

In addition, Channel 1 is a local station announcing events and information within our service area.

With CapRock Tv, you will be watching your favorite program with a clear, sharp digital picture. Cap Rock, a leader in new technology, will raise your TV viewing to the next level.

TV Plans and Pricing

 Package Channels Monthly Price
 Basic 23 $35.90
 Ultra 1 (1 Box) 128 $59.90
 Ultra 2 (2 Boxes) 128 $64.90
 Each Additional Box  $5.00
 HBO 7 $17.95
 STARZ ENCORE Package 7 $ 5.95
 STARZ SuperPak (includes STARZ ENCORE channels) 12 $ 7.95
DVR $ 7.50

Television Features
Our features include DVR , caller ID displayed on your TV screen and an on-screen Guide.

High Speed Packages for Internet CapRock Tv Service Subscribers

1.5 Meg DSL
Unlimited, Up to 1.5 Meg down and 384 kb up*
3 Megs DSL
Unlimited, Up to 3 Megs down and 512 kb up*
4 Megs DSL
Unlimited, Up to 4 Megs down and 512 kb up*
10/1 DSL
Unlimited, Up to 10 Megs down and 1 up*
10/2 DSL
Unlimited, Up to 10 Megs down and 2 up*
25/3 DSL
Unlimited, Up to 25 Megs down and 3 up*

*Speeds posted are not guaranteed, due to customer equipment and/or network issues. Pricing, packaging and programming subject to change. Local and state sales tax may apply.

Installation fees will be determined by your customer service representative. Location specific contract required. Telephone, Long Distance, Internet and TV are all included in one easy to read bill. CapRock Tv provides your favorite programs along with local channels for your convenience