1. Charges to be paid by customer:

A. The customer is responsible for payment of all services furnished including charges for services originated or accepted at the premises.

B. The customer shall pay all charges for monthly service in advance. Payment is due on or before the due date, which is sixteen (16) days after issuance date of the bill. The postmark, if any, on the envelope of the bill, or the issuance date on the bill, if there is no postmark on the envelope, shall constitute proof of the date of the issuance. If the bill is not paid by the due date, the company may discontinue service.

C. A one-time penalty, not to exceed 4.0%, may be assessed on delinquent accounts. A reconnect fee of $9.00, plus all current billing, must be paid to reestablish an account which has been disconnected for nonpayment.

D. The customer is advised that there is a fee for the viewing of content on Pay-Per-View channels. The customer is advised that they are responsible for all charges incurred as a result of the viewing of Pay-Per-View shows and events. If a customer would like information on blocking Pay-Per-View, they may contact the business office during regular business hours.

2. CapRock Tv (“the Company”) provides its customers access to broadcast programming. The Company is not responsible and has no control over the content of programming that broadcasters choose to present.

3. The Company will use its best efforts to provide blocking on channels upon customer request. The Company will assume no liability to customers should blocking fail due to technical limitations, failures of systems or failures of software.

4. The Company may levy additional charges to customer’s accounts for installation, wiring, and maintenance performed at customer’s request. Inside wire protection may be obtained for a monthly fee. Computers and/or televisions are not covered under inside wire protection or any other Cap Rock Agreement.

5. The Company reserves the right to change rates without notice.

6. The monthly charges specified in this agreement do not include any federal, state or local taxes. The customer agrees to pay all applicable taxes and government fees calculated on each monthly statement in accordance with the law.

7. The Company is not responsible for damage to television sets caused by acts of God, including, but not limited to, damage caused by lightning and/or electrical power surges. The Company assumes no liability or responsibility for the operation, maintenance or repair of the customer’s television set, computer or other peripheral equipment. The customer releases the Company from all liability or cost of repairs, if the customer’s equipment breaks or fails to work during installation or a service call, while the service representative is exercising reasonable care. In no event shall the Company be responsible for incidental damages. The Company’s liability shall be limited to the cost of services provided.

8. The Company and customer agree to submit any unsatisfied complaints or bona fide disputes to arbitration or mediation prior to filing any lawsuit. Venue shall be in Dickens County, Texas.

9. Upon execution of this service agreement, the Company will provide to the customer a modem(s) and set-top-box(es) (equipment) as required. If the customer is disconnected for any reason, the customer will return the provided equipment in good working order or pay $125.00 per modem, $350.00 for each set-top-box, $25.00 for each switch, $325.00 for each ONT, $40.00 for each coax master, $25.00 for each remote and applicable power supplies.

10. High Speed Internet service is available as an optional service offered with CapRock Tv. If High Speed Internet service is connecting to a network, the customer shall be responsible for any and all wiring/equipment necessary to connect the service to their network. The customer is responsible for the purchase and installation of an Ethernet Card in their computer. Cap Rock’s Acceptable Use Policy also applies to the CapRock Tv High Speed Internet users.

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