Network Performance Characteristics

Service Description
High Speed Internet Service is provided via a gigabit Ethernet connection from our Tier 2 backbone provider. ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL and Fiber-To-The-Home technologies are utilized to deliver service to the end user premise (customer). Cap Rock Internet provisions the ADSL and ADSL2+ equipment to account for approximately 18% of overhead on the customer’s line in order to achieve the published Tier-Speed. Under normal circumstances, a customer should expect to receive the speed of the service-tier purchased. Due to local loop type, length, and possible congestion on the network the actual speed achieved may be at times less than the published speeds. Latency on Cap Rock’s network is approximately 36ms.

Impact of Specialized Services
If a customer subscribes to CapRock Tv service Internet speed may be limited due to the bandwidth utilized for IPTV.

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