Unlimited High Speed Internet in Swenson, Texas

High Speed Internet in Swenson?

Cap Rock offers the best and most reliable unlimited high speed internet in Swenson.  When customers want to get and stay connected, they always call Cap Rock.

Benefits of Cap Rock's High Speed Internet in Swenson

Web - Speed Chart


  • 10 Mbps down
  • 2 Mbps up


  • 25 Mbps down
  • 3 Mbps up


  • 50 Mbps down
  • 50 Mbps up


  • 100 Mbps down
  • 25 Mbps up

Cap Rock has skilled and trusted technicians in Swenson. They are always ready to assist you. Cap Rock is your local Internet, TV and telephone provider but we are much more than that. Cap Rock is staffed with friendly, local people who work hard to make sure you have the best possible service. Our employees will be there if you have a problem or have a quick question. You can call us and expect to talk to a real person, happy to help you.

Connecting The Future

Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative is a member of the NTCA and the TSTCI