Television in Patton Springs, Texas

Need television in Patton Springs?

CapRock Tv has the best selection and most affordable television in Patton Springs, Texas. CapRock Tv offers a variety of entertainment for the entire family including local stations, news, weather, movies, family programming, music, premium channels, and pay-per-view events.

CapRock Tv

Control live TV

Whether you want to record, rewind or pause, HD/DVRs give you the ultimate control of your entertainment experience. Now you never have to miss a moment of your favorite shows. 


Over 60 channels of stunning high definition picture quality with the best local news, shows, movies, and sports. Plus over 80 channels of SD content!


The game is on. We’ve got you covered for virtually any sport. We’re not just talking about just the games, you have access to pre-game predictions, post-game analysis, and highlights.

Caller ID on your TV

Know who is calling you before getting off the couch! With CapRock Tv a call doesn't have to interrupt your program you'll know who is calling and then you can decide to pause your TV or wait until later to return the call.

Plans and Pricing


  • All the Lubbock Local Channels
  • 26 Channels
  • DVR for additional charges
  • One Set Top Box Only
  • Additional charges apply for DVR.
  • Add HBO, Starz and Encore Packages


  • All the Lubbock Local Channels
  • Over 60 HD Channels
  • Over 80 SD Channels
  • DVR for additional charges
  • Multiple Set Top Boxes
  • Additional charges apply for multiple set top boxes and DVRs.
  • Add HBO, Starz and Encore Packages

How TV Services Stack Up in the Weather

Weather ConditionsCapRock TvDishDirect Tv
SunnyGreat PictureGreat PictureGreat Picture
WindyGreat PicturePossible MacroblockingPossible Macroblocking
CloudyGreat PicturePossible MacroblockingPossible Macroblocking
RainGreat PictureLoss of PictureLoss of Picture
SnowGreat PictureLoss of PictureLoss of Picture

$10 off

Our skilled and trusted technicians are often in Patton Springs. And always ready to assist you. Cap Rock Telephone is your local telephone provider, but we’re much more than that. Cap Rock is staffed with friendly people who work hard to make sure you’re getting the best possible service. Our employees will be there if you have a problem or just have a quick question. You can call us and expect to talk with a real person, happy to help you.

Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative is a member of the NTCA  and the TSTCI